Video Content + Social Media Marketing is Vital for Real Estate.

MYTH: “I just need a video to help sell a house. All videographers are the same and I can hire anyone off of Craigslist and get a usable video.”

REALITY: You are not just making a video tour to help sell one home. You are creating video content that you will leverage to help build your real estate lifestyle brand through social media exposure. This piece of video content will live on well after the property has sold and (if done well) will help you gain new clients in the future.

You want that video to not only be of high quality in terms of production but also produced and edited in a way that is engaging and triggers people to share it!

I believe each property has a unique story to tell. It’s my mission to figure out what that story is and tell it in visual form.
— Wayne Ford


*For highest quality viewing click 'HD' and then '1080p'

We are way past throwing together a cheesy 'home tour' with photos or video clips of quick pans around dark rooms. 

Social media has opened up a whole new realm of promotional opportunities for your properties and Wayne Ford Films has designed a video strategy to take full advantage.

Finally a real estate video with a pulse!
— Sean Gotcher, The Sunset Team

My 3 Rules of Real Estate Video Marketing

Quality is of the utmost importance. No one will watch or share your property video if it's blurry, lit poorly or the sound is bad. We shoot all our videos on either the RED Scarlett X or Canon 6D depending on the needs of production.

Produced for high engagement and to trigger sharing. My background is in producing celebrity driven sponsored web entertainment content. I'm taking those same creative concepts and applying them to my real estate videos.

One video is probably not enough. Content marketing thrives when it leverages multiple pieces of content and they are released on a schedule to build momentum.


Cinematic Music Video Home Tours: These videos are your 'tent pole' programming. Grabbing the viewer and taking them on an entertaining real estate eye candy tour of your latest property. The shelf life on this content is very long so you will continue to benefit by attracting new clients who see what you can do for them.

Agent Profile Promo Videos: Content marketing video focusing on you, your real estate passion, methodology and services.

Community Videos: Highlight the benefits of living in your area of expertise. This video will help sell your properties over and over again. 

Social & List Building Content Videos: It can be a challenge to keep in touch with your leads and funnel more prospects into your list. Weekly video content is a great way to do just that. One quick monthly shoot will give you 4 pieces of video content to send out weekly over social media and your list. Use these videos to answer frequently asked questions, give advice, teach real estate topics or just give an update on what's going on with your business.

Client Testimonial Videos: Having high quality video testimonials from happy clients (standing in front of the beautiful property you found for them) can go a long way in creating credibility and trust for your business. 


  • Full pre-production (planning), production (shooting) and post-production (editing).

  • Shot on Canon 6D (RED Scarlet X is available at additional cost).

  • High quality cinematography and professional editing.

  • 3 to 5 hour shoot time.

  • Exterior aerial (drone) shots if shoot warrants them (with aerial package purchase).

  • Final video exported for post on YouTube, Facebook and other social properties.

  • 2 to 3 minute runtime of video.

  • 3 - 15sec videos formatted for Instagram (with social package purchase).

  • Upload to YouTube channel with optimization elements (annotations, proper tags, unique thumbnail)